Property Buying Process

Jaira Home Loans – Application process


We at Jaira Home Loans strongly believe in keeping the  home loan application as simple as we can. Our aim is to simplify your mortgage application!

Below are simple step by step process how the loan application will flow


We will listen to you and understand your needs. We can do this via a face to face meeting or over the phone. During that conversation, we’ll ask exploratory questions where the answers will help define how we can help you. We know you’re likely to have plenty of questions which we endeavour to answer or fetch you answers for any complex questions.


Once we know from you what you are looking to achieve from the home loan, we will seek detailed information about your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. This will help us to analyse your numbers and revert to you with a few options. At this point we will also need documentation from you like your payslips, ID proofs, bank statements and other documentation based on your situation.


Based on your objectives, we will provide you with possible lender options that will suit your needs and which will benefit you with your short term and long-term goals.


Once you zero down a lender we’ll send you paperwork to sign and then lodge the application with the selected lender. We’ll deal the bank queries and revert to you for any further information.


Once the lender is satisfied with the information and supporting documents they will issue us approval letter. The bank or lending institution will send loan documents out for sign off and return by you.


The application proceeds to settlement.